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Lisa Genest on Jan 25, 2018

The Style Anything course by Lauren at Restored 316 is a phenomenal resource. I wanted to reformat several elements of my website but I had no idea how to do that or how to even start. Lauren explains, in really simple terminology, how html, css, and “coding”, etc. works and supplied me with all the knowledge I need to make any and all modifications I want! Watching videos of Lauren making changes “live” was the perfect way for me to learn. I can’t believe I was re-coding my own site before I’d even finished the videos. I’m very appreciative of all the knowledge Lauren shared in this course, and for the confidence it gave me. Thank you so much!
– Lisa Genest

Dec 23, 2017

This course has been a game changer for me. I’m in my 50s and was worried that I would not be able to handle setting up my site let alone editing the content. I was fearful of breaking something I couldn’t fix etc but now I am excited about purchasing my theme and having fun with the styling. I felt all elements of the course were explained as simply as possible and the live demonstration of the difference the change in code made to the website was especially beneficial. I was hesitant at first to sign up for the course because with the currency conversion (I am in Australia) the course was up there in cost however for me it was definitely money well spent and I cannot recommend it high enough.
-Anita Kelly

The Style Anything course changed my whole process of setting up sites. I have learned so much from the course that I can implement on the sites I design. Learning to use the developer tool on my computer was a game changer! It has allowed me to recreate my sites in ways I had no idea I could do. Changing the fonts and colors to make the site my own feels so empowering. This course has more than paid for itself if nothing other than building my confidence in how to make changes on my sites.
– Debi Thurow

This course was useful-I am more confident that I can make changes to my website. I hope that when I start to make changes I am able to use the Facebook group to help me troubleshoot inevitable problems.
– Mandi Orr

The style of anything course was exactly what I needed to get unstuck. I have a pretty good understanding now how can I adjust things, change fonts and so many other things that I always wondered about. Really enjoyed the course and the ability to implement as I was learning! Thank you!!!
– Irina Hodorkovsky

This course is very well laid out both in print and visual! You will learn everything you need plus you’ll overcome any fears you have of working with WordPress and themes! Now I design with enthusiasm and pleasure! Thanks Lauren!
-Ann Gobel

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  • My number 1 secret that shows you how to try things out before publishing
  • My favorite tool to figure out exactly the code needed to make your change
  • Learn how to create a website from a blank screen to something beautiful
  • 45 Minute real life example of modifying the Restored 316 Refined theme beyond recognition
  • How your website actually runs behind the scenes so you know how it all works together
  • Erasing your fear of editing your site by giving you the knowledge of how to fix mistakes and what actually happens when you do make a mistake
  • Access to an exclusive Facebook community… this resource is priceless!

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There is absolutely no reason at all to be afraid of the code that is used to style your website. This type of code is called CSS, and I’m going to teach you everything you need to know about it, and make it fun all at the same time!

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