Scribe Funnel Bundle

$ 149.00

Creating a funnel in your business is one of the best ways to generate income on autopilot. But most people get overwhelmed and confused with creating all those pages and figuring out what goes where. Believe me, I am right there with you!

This is where our Funnel Bundles come in!

Our Funnel and Landing Page Templates are designed specifically for one thing – to convert! This means presenting all the right things to your potential buyer – your offer, your qualifications, your testimonials, your bonuses, etc.

Our Funnel Bundles include 9 done-for-you page designs to help you get that funnel up and going instead of continuing to procrastinate! Whether you want to make money in your sleep, build your newsletter list, or book more clients, our templates are there to help you achieve your goals!

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What’s included:

  • Long opt-in page to showcase your amazing offer to your audience with all the details.
  • Short opt-in page to quickly get your audience to your lead magnet.
  • Sales page to show your offer beautifully while highlighting all the important details to help convert your readers into buyers.
  • Tripwire page designed to convert subscribers into purchasers by sharing a limited-time offer immediately after they sign up for your email list.
  • Thank you page to thank your customers for their purchase or addition to your waitlist.
  • Webinar registration page to quickly get your customers registered for your webinar and to highlight what you’ll cover.
  • Webinar replay page to let attendees see your webinar if they missed the live event.
  • Webinar confirmation page to share the next steps after registration and confirm that your new webinar attendee’s spot is saved.
  • Waitlist page to allow visitors to enter their contact info so they can be notified when your offer is available again.

How it works:

Step 01

Once your order is placed, you’ll get an email confirmation with a link to download your purchase.

Step 02

Download the PDF and follow the instructions inside to install your new Funnel Bundle

Step 03

Follow our tutorials to customize your new funnel bundle to fit your needs and then set it in motion!

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