Category Mastery Workshop

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Are you ready to create a stunning website with your Kadence Theme?

With Styling Kadence, you’ll learn how to turn the ideas you can see in your head into a reality on the screen. Whether you want to craft custom page layouts and sections or use the customizer to change your fonts and colors, we’ve got you covered. Let’s get started!

Unlock the Power of Custom Categories with Kadence Pro

Category Mastery: Elevate Your Website with Kadence Pro

Transform your website’s archives from basic to brilliant with our exclusive “Category Mastery” Lunch & Learn. Designed for both beginners and seasoned WordPress users, this pre-recorded video series will take you on a deep dive into the world of Kadence Pro, enabling you to craft stunning, efficient, and customized archives that stand out.

What you’ll learn

In our Category Mastery Workshop, you’ll elevate your online presence with beautiful category pages that won’t cost you a fortune.

In less than 90 minutes, you’ll master the art of transforming your website’s categories — from enhancing individual categories post items to creating custom categories with dynamic content.

With Kadence Pro, we’ll create engaging archives, personalize the layout, and fine-tune the settings to achieve the perfect navigation and style for your content! We’ll share tips for maximizing efficiency and guide you through strategic design choices that elevate your archives, ensuring they not only organize content but also showcase your brand’s uniqueness.

The blogging world is undeniably competitive, and having a website that looks beautiful and functions seamlessly is essential to building a brand that will stand out. 

Categories, often overlooked, are key to navigating your content efficiently. “Category Mastery” equips you with the knowledge to leverage Kadence Pro’s powerful features, ensuring your categories are not just functional but a focal point of your site’s design and user experience.

What you’ll learn

In Less than 90 Minutes

  • Navigating Default Settings Without Pro: Start your journey with a solid foundation. Our first session demystifies the default settings of Kadence, ensuring you can navigate the basics with confidence—even without the Pro version.
  • Elements Unleashed: Activation and Positioning: Discover how to activate and position elements to elevate your site’s design and user experience.
  • Dynamic Archives: Elevate your archives by adding dynamic content. This session shows you how to enhance the top of your archives, making them not just functional, but engaging. 
  • Strategic Layouts: Dive deeper into archive layouts and pagination. Learn strategies to position content effectively and keep your audience engaged with smart pagination.
  • Innovative Loops: Crafting Custom Archive Items Push the boundaries of customization with innovative loops. This session guides you through crafting unique archive items that stand out.
  • Bonus Lesson: Using Advanced Custom Fields on Archives Unlock advanced customization techniques with Advanced Custom Fields. This bonus session explores how to use ACF to further personalize your archives.


What do I need to have for this Workshop?  Are there any additional purchases required?

Most of this Lunch & Learn does require Kadence Theme & Blocks Pro. If you don’t have that, you can purchase here.

How long do I have access to the Workshop?

After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this workshop for as long as you like – across all devices you own. You can always come back to review any of the modules/lessons. This is a pre-recorded workshop, so you’ll also have it available to you immediately after purchase!

Why is it called a Lunch & Learn? When does it start and finish?

The name comes from the idea that you can take a break from your day and learn something new in about an hour. But, it is a completely self-paced online workshop with tutorials that are divided into bite-sized videos. Lunch & Learns with Lauren are designed with one goal – to help you accomplish 10x more than if you tried to DIY it.  

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