Conversion CallOuts:

The Block Collection That Will Help You Design Blog Posts That Convert

I’ve heard from so many customers: 

“Lauren, let’s be honest, formatting blog posts in WordPress is frustrating!  It takes too much effort to make the post “pretty”.  I know what I want to achieve, I just don’t have the design skills or time to get it done.”

Are you frustrated with how to format your blog posts?

It’s because you…


Aren’t sure of the best way to draw attention to your affiliate links


Can’t figure out how to add a “Shop The Post” section


Haven’t decided the best way to share your lead magnet

Here’s what I know: It shouldn’t take you more than 5 minutes to add a pop of personality to your posts!  

The conversion call-outs have completely changed the way I write blog posts! I’ve never been more excited about writing posts!!

These dynamic additions help reader experience by creating branded and styled lists, tips, shoppable elements, and more. They help give a professional look to any blog post, from jazzing up simple recipe posts to creating organized step-by-step tutorials in DIY posts. These changed my blogging game, no more boring paragraphs of text! I don’t know how I ever blogged without them!

Courtney – pizzazerie

See the conversion call outs in action on Courtneys website here

Conversion Callouts

Here’s why you should be hands to the heavens excited about Conversion Callouts: 

It’s the new way to Blog!

If you have talked with a blogger that has just a few posts, a trickle of traffic and still earns a consistent income, you’ve probably wondered “How on earth is she making money!?!”   

The answer is – strategy.  She has figured out how to get website visitors to engage with her blog posts.  How to turn readers into true fans that are eager to buy what she is recommending and come back for more.  And you can do it too! 

Here is what Conversion Callouts can do for you:

  • Introduce your readers to more content within the pages of your own website! This will help keep all visitors on-site longer and turn them into super fans. 
  • Easily highlight ingredients, kitchen gadgets, outfit pieces and so much more! Use the power of affiliate links to increase the income from every blog post. 
  • Provide additional value by showing off the lead magnets you’ve worked so hard to create. And who doesn’t want more email subscribers?!?
  • Show that you’re the go-to person for advice in your niche by creatively sharing what other readers have said. 

Thank you Lauren!  This is exactly what I needed! 

I’m still shocked by how easy it was to install my Kadence Sprinkle Theme and the Conversion Callouts on my new website. If anyone is struggling to draw attention to their affiliate links or their printable shop then they should just buy Conversion Callouts now!”

Sara – The PLR Gal

Hey there! I’m Lauren, and I’ve developed the easiest way for you to turn your blog readers into buyers! 

As the founder of Restored 316, I’m devoted to helping women become successful entrepreneurs with websites that showcase their passion and purpose. 

12+ profitable years and serving 20,000+ customers has taught me that you don’t just need a beautiful website.  

You need content that converts.  

A well-researched blog post that helps your readers is only the first step. The new way to blog is by focusing on your call to action. What do you want your readers to do? Answering that question while you format your blog posts will put you on the path to reaching your income goals.  

That’s why I’m so excited to share Conversion Callouts with you! It’s the easiest way to draw attention to your affiliate links, shop products, and email lead magnets. 

If you’re ready for stability and to reach a level of success that you never thought was possible, I hope that you’ll add Conversion Callouts to your website today. 

Let’s get down to business

You’ll get over 75 Wow-Worthy features, including:

  • Trends I’m loving 
  • Claim your free book
  • Party tip
  • Shop this look
  • Our Favorites
  • What readers say:
  • What you’ll love about this recipe
  • Tools you’ll need
  • Leftover Hack
  • Where to listen
  • Our Top Episodes
  • Recent posts
  • How can I help you?
  • Subscribe to my youtube channel
  • Search our site
  • And more!!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use the Conversion Callouts with any Restored 316 Theme?
Absolutely!! Our Conversion Callouts are made to work with any of our Kadence themes and are not theme specific! Once you install, all the blocks will have your own fonts and colors in them automatically.

Will you install these for me?
We don’t offer installation services on this because honestly, it is SO easy to install! You’ll want to see this video that shows you exactly how to install and begin using the Conversion Callouts.

Will these blocks slow my site down?
The only one that may slow things down a teensy bit would be the one that uses Amazon Affiliates or RewardStyle but honestly, it wouldn’t be enough to cause a significant decrease in speed. And the trade-off is totally worth it! You’ll save time adding links to your blog posts. Your visitors will enjoy having a seamless shopping experience throughout your blog posts.

How many websites can I use Conversion Callouts on?
One purchase is good for one license! You will be provided a unique license key and you can use that on whatever website you wish. You can login to your account at any time and deactivate your website from a key in order to move it to another website.

Are the graphics included?
I do provide a Canva file that can be edited with your own images and colors if you’d like to modify the graphics. However, you will need a Canva Pro account in order to save some of these graphics and to save them as a transparent PNG to overlay beautifully into your blocks. You can also change any of these graphics with your own or with what is available in the free library.

Start increasing your income with Conversion Callouts today!