Shop Page Templates for Kadence

Quick, Easy, Hassle-Free way to start selling your products today!

Kadence Shop Page Templates are an easy way for anyone, even beginners or non-techies, to set up a website shop in just minutes. No complicated code is required!

You don’t have to be a professional web developer to create a branded online shop for your products. Shop Page Templates has everything you need to create an amazing e-commerce section for your WordPress website, one that will generate revenue for years to come!

You can finally have a beautiful blog shop on your WordPress website.

Shop Page Templates make it easier for you to have a brand consistent look and feel with no extra work!

Bonuses Included!

2 Free Thrivecart Templates so you can set up your cart pages instantly

Canva Templates to make your graphics gorgeous quickly

Step by step tutorials to make sure all your questions are answered as you set up your new shop!

Hey there! I’m Lauren, and I’ve developed the easiest way for you to turn your blog readers into buyers!

As the founder of Restored 316, I’m devoted to helping women become successful entrepreneurs with websites that showcase their passion and purpose.

12+ profitable years and serving 20,000+ customers has taught me that you don’t just need a beautiful website.

You need a beautiful blog shop that converts.

It’s great to earn money from affiliate income, sponsored posts, and even ads, if you have the traffic and qualify for a good network, but there is one source of income that will give you more control of your business revenue.

Selling your own products

When I started, most of my income came from designing websites for bloggers. But EVERYTHING shifted for the better when I began selling themes and focused on developing products for my shop.

I was blessed to create a semi-passive income stream and my shop opened the door to help more women become online entrepreneurs… more than I ever could have imagined.

I know that a shop will get you off the blogging treadmill, increase your work-life balance and eventually help you make more money with less work.

That’s why I’m so excited to share Shop Page Templates with you! These ready-made templates make adding an e-commerce section to your website easy!

Frequently Asked Questions

What cart platforms can I use with the Shop Page Templates?
Shop Page Templates work with the checkout option of your choice: WooCommerce, or third-party eCommerce platforms like Thrivecart, Shopify, Gumroad, SendOwl, etc.

Will the Shop Page Templates work with Genesis?
Unfortunately they won’t work well with Genesis. But they will work with ANY Kadence theme.

Create conversion-ready shop pages for your products today!