Customer Showcase

Chez Lalonde

I started planning to start a food blog about a year ago. I was overwhelmed and lost after watching numerous YouTube videos and reading other bloggers’ advice, and I just had no idea how and where to start. I was planning to purchase the Feast theme because it was very affordable but the design is bland and generic. Every food blog looks the same because most food bloggers use the Feast theme. From the get-go, I knew I want my blog to stand out and look professional and pretty. I take my blogging business very seriously. One night, I stumbled on one blogger’s site, and she recommended Restroed316 Designs. The rest is history. I am so happy with the design, and the support and service from the team is top-notch. They answered my questions quickly and helped me resolve any issues within a few hours. They are kind and patient, helping me with all of my technical questions. Not just that, they also have very affordable lunch and learn training courses. I am very happy with this purchase and highly recommend their products and services to everyone. I just want to tell new bloggers not to be afraid of the technical aspect of blogging. The restored team is here to help and guide you. With some practice, it is not that difficult to customize their theme to your liking and style.

Janice Lalonde