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Flit Photography

You’re probably looking at Kadence theme templates because you’ve heard all the rave reviews about how fast and lightweight and user-friendly they can be, but you’re a little overwhelmed when you dig in to try to build it yourself, right? Dude, I hear you. I am usually a DIY type, but trying to build out my website in Kadence and find the balance between aesthetics and performance was just a constant source of stress. I made some sort of tweak to my website every day for months. It was *not* healthy. Enter the Willow theme template. Super speedy, a different look from the ubiquitous “hero image above the fold” theme for photography websites, easy enough to customize but with enough built-in options that you really don’t need to get too creative. I love it. If you’re thinking about getting Willow, just do it. You won’t regret it. <3 Thanks for saving my mental health, Restored 316!

Leah MacDaniel